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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Floating shout mix: yeayyyy...I did it!!!

after hours been trying to create the floating shoutmix...

Finally...I did it...Googling here and there...asking some bloggers...Thank for Miss Ain because she try to help me...

Don't u wanna try it too???


If u want to, do the following step OK.....

1. Go to Design.... Add a Gadget....HTML/JavaScript
2.Copy and paste all the CODE from the link below: (this blog also provide u the tutorial)
3.Delete the phrase <---- jarak dari atas
4. Follow all the steps in the blog
4. Click Save

So easy right???
If you have problem to get your picture URL, follow this step:
1. Go to Posting >New Post>Insert picture (Makesure the picture is in  PNG format ok)
2.Click the Edit HTML button
3. Copy the link
Good Luck...Ask me if u have problem ok....

Hold On!!!
Please Leave a comment after trying OK....ngeeee

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