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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Biggest Country in the World

Biggest Country in the World: Area Wise The biggest country in the world area wise is Russia and it covers a total area of 6,592,800 square miles (17,075,400 square kilometers)! What percent is the land area of Russia when compared to the Earth's area? Well, the Earth's total land area is 57,510,000 square miles or 148,940,000 square kilometers. So, if you calculate it (take help from the calculator), Russia accounts for nearly 11.5% of the Earth's total land mass! Isn't it amazing, among 233 countries around the world, Russia's land share is more than 10%! Russia is approximately two times bigger than the USA! Russia holds the distinction for neighboring the largest number of countries in the world! Yes, Russia borders with Japan, US, Turkey, and Sweden by sea, and Norway, Finland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belarus, Poland, Ukraine, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Mongolia, China, and North Korea! Fascinating to be bordered with so many countries and dangerous too during war times! Most of the land mass occupied by Russia is distributed between northern Asia and eastern Europe. Russia boasts of abundant forest reserves and is a giant in terms of energy resources, as it is extremely rich in oil deposits and mineral resources! The largest lake in the world, Baikal lake, which is also the deepest lake in the world, is found in Russia! With 12 seas on Russian territory (highest than any other country), Russia ranks ninth in terms of population. Well, let's switch over to the next question, the biggest country in terms of population. Biggest Country in the World: By Population If any country can boast of the highest man power potential, then well, China's name would be on the top. The Asian country China, or more precisely, the 'People's Republic of China', has the highest number of people, with a total population of about 1,334,360,000 and still counting! An interesting fact is that China's Asian friend, India, will surpass China's population by the end of 2025 for about a year! Here is the list of top 5 most populous countries of the world:
  • China (1.33 billion)
  • India (1.17 billion)
  • United States (308,354,000)
  • Indonesia (231,369,500)
  • Brazil (192,325,000)


russia..ermmm biggest country upenyer...
tp china mmg rmai population

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